ThinRoute Technologies

TRIAN Wireless Voice & Broadband Data System

The TRIAN System provides POTS telephone lines and an Ethernet connection for high speed Internet access over wireless transport. The system can be utilized in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications to provide toll quality voice, fax, and high speed Internet service. Mounting options include a rack mount unit and a pole / wall mount weatherproof enclosure. Powering options include 12, 24, 48VDC, and 115VAC with battery backup. Various radios can be used as backhaul, with a wide range of throughputs and operating frequencies in the non-licensed ISM bands, as well as licensed 700 MHz and 2.6 GHz MMDS bands to meet almost any requirement.

TRIAN Outdoor Residential Gateway

The ThinRoute Outdoor Residential Gateway (ORG) integrates all of the features and functions that carriers need for delivering voice and broadband data services to residential /SOHO customers. Designed from the ground up to work with wireless ethernet networks, the ORG is a battery backed gateway that provides two POTS lines, 10/100baseT ethernet WAN and LAN ports, and power (PoE) for the associated radio. The ORG mounts neatly on a wall of the premise or on a pole as far away as 300 feet. CLASS services are supported including Caller ID, Call Forwarding and Call Hold. Management and maintenance can be performed from anywhere in the network via a web browser interface or SNMP Element Management System.